AFI 100

After a chance twitter conversation with Christopher Burgess from the fabulous Radio Free Skaro podcast, discover it here (a real must for fans of Doctor Who), I decided to embark on a challenge, or to put it another way steal his idea.

Christopher was about to watch Annie Hall, which I have in my DVD collection but have yet to watch, he mentioned that he was planning on watching all the films from the AFI's 100 movies list that he had not yet seen. Now, I consider myself a bit of a movie fanatic, but after scanning through the list I was quite surprised by just how many classic movies I hadn't yet seen.

By my reckoning I had seen 35 of the 100 movies chosen to celebrate a century of cinema. Lists really appeal to my inner nerd, and so, amongst my many other postings, you will see my progress as I aim to watch them all.

The AFI's original list of 100 films can be found here

Thanks for the inspiration Christopher.

This could take a long time...........