Wednesday, 6 July 2011

First Few DMCG3 Test Shots

As a follow up to my review of the Panasonic DMCG3, I thought I would post some early efforts.

ISO 160, F7.1, 1/500

This first shot was taken using the Creative Control feature, in the Expressive setting, which offers a pop art style colour effect.

I chose to get in close to the bark to capture the detail, and push the background into soft focus.

ISO 160, F5.6, 1/250
The next shot was taken using Intelligent Auto mode.

I nearly squished this little dude, as I rushed to get home as it had started to rain. But I couldn't resist having a go at capturing a shot.

The camera selected all the settings for me.

ISO 160, F8.0, 1/400
This was also taken in Intelligent Auto mode, and I thought I would put the camera in to monochrome mode to ad a touch of atmosphere.

Grumpy Old Man
This last shot was taken in Grumpy Bugger mode :)

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