Sunday, 4 September 2011

iPad2 First Impressions

I finally crumbled and bought myself an iPad2, my poor long suffering wife said that she was surprised that I had managed to hold out this long. In order to try and reduce the retail guilt I chose the Product (Red) smart cover, which gives a percentage of the retail price to charity (yes, I know weird logic).

First impressions are very good, the build quality is excellent, the touch screen is very responsive and easy to use. The initial setup was a breeze, with plenty of options to determine which apps, music, videos etc. are synced with the device.

I have downloaded a few of the free apps from iTunes; the official Twitter app is a neat piece of software, the user interface is simplicity itself, with a simple finger swipe allowing you to refresh your timeline and explore links etc. the BBCiPlayer app is a very glossy looking bit of software offering good quality video on demand.

One thing I missed since getting rid of my iPhone 3G was something as simple as push email, all the most popular email providers are covered. The simple things eh?

Although much pricier than an average e-reader the iPad offers a good variety of choices for would be electronic bookworms, with apps from Amazon's Kindle, Kobo and of course Apple's own iBooks service.

Expect more posts as I get to grips with this work of electronic art.

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