Sunday, 30 October 2011

AFI 100 Movies #62 Tootsie (1982)

After subjecting my poor long suffering wife to a fair few AFI selections that didn't really appeal to her, I figured I might go easy on her and make my next choice from the list something I know she loves.

She really admires Dustin Hoffman, for different reasons from me, I might add!

He plays actor Michael Dorsey, who due to his outspoken nature and questioning of director's methods, has made himself unemployable.

He hits upon the idea of posing as a woman in order to try and get roles. He lands a role in a soap opera, and soon becomes a leading character in the show.

Things get complicated when he falls for a fellow cast member Julie, she meets him in his Michael persona and hates him on sight.

Cue farcical situations involving lecherous older actors, the girl in love with him (Teri Garr), the co-star he's fallen for (Jessica Lange) and her widowed father (Charles Durning).

Amy did point out as we watched that Hoffman's character was the only really strong female part and that Geena Davis seemed to spend most of her time on screen in her underwear, which although the story and acting were good proved to be a welcome highlight.

Bill Murray is worthy of a special mention, and is very likeable as Michael's flat mate

Definitely one for the watch again list, although, Dustin, seriously, you turned down Teri Garr?

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