Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Being Human Series One

What took me so long to discover this great series?

Maybe I didn't expect much seeing as it's broadcast in the UK on BBC Three, the home of mind numbingly dull lowest common denominator cack, with the exception of Torchwood & Mongrels.

For those, like me, who didn't catch the show when it first started, Being Human is about three housemates: George (played by Russell Tovey), Mitchell (played by Aidan Turner) and Annie (played by Leonora Crichlow).

These three aren't your average housemates though; George is a werewolf, Mitchell is a vampire and Annie is a ghost.

They are all trying to live out their day to day lives (especially hard for a ghost) as though they're regular humans. Mitchell decides to go on the wagon where blood is concerned, George struggles to control his transformations and Annie needs to come to terms with her death, so that she can finally rest in peace.

I think it's good that this series was set in Bristol as London and the likes of Manchester get used all the time, and I think it helps ground the show in reality, despite the unreal goings on.

Although this is a drama programme there are plenty of funny moments, which make this programme all the more enjoyable.

The cast are superb, helped by a script written by Toby Whithouse, the characters are flawed yet likeable and the storyline for this first series keeps you coming back to see what happens next, like the TV equivalent of a good book that you can't put down.

Bring on series two!

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