Monday, 26 December 2011

Xbox Live listen to their customers (eventually)

When my previous Xbox Live subscription came to an end, It was automatically renewed without me asking for this service.

After several phone calls to their customer service department, I was told apologetically that my subscription would now not be automatically renewed (there was no option allowing their customers to do this at the time, meaning a lengthy phone call to customer services).

In fairness to them they did offer to reduce the cost of my subscription as a way of saying sorry.

Imagine my surprise then when the lovely people at Xbox Live have sent me numerous emails telling me that my automatic subscription cannot be completed as my card details were out of date!

After the scares of the Playstation Network and other high profile hacking cases, I decided to use a pre paid Xbox Live subscription card rather than enter the details of my new card online.

Upon attempting to sign in to Xbox Live I'm informed that my account has been suspended as no payment has been made, I try to reactivate my account by using the code on their pre paid card which the console recognises, but as soon as I click on Redeem Code I'm told that there is a problem trying to process my request.

Can't say I'm very impressed Microsoft.


Following the initial post, I spent 35 minutes on the phone to Xbox customer services, who were very helpful, and I am now back online! They have now given the option to cancel the auto renew feature on their web page now, which wasn't available last time I had this issue.

I would like to say for the record, their customer service advisors were excellent.

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